Why Music Can Make Woodworkers Productive?

Woodworkers are those artists who make a variety of products such as cabinets, furniture, tables and chairs using wood, veneers or laminates. Sometimes these artists blend other materials to form a finished product such as metals, glass, tiles, ceramic and other soft and hard materials.

Notwithstanding the popularity of MOF (medium density fiberboard), plastics and other materials wood still remains the product of value for a lot of people particularly when it comes to quality, value and utility expectations. Nowadays, several wood products like furniture and musical instruments are mass-produced. It is therefore very important to look for ways of improving the productivity of woodworkers so as to ensure sustainability in this industry. Do you have a go-to music playlist whenever you need the motivation to be productive? I LOVE mine because it doesn’t just Research has shown that music is one of the things that make woodworkers productive in many different ways as explained below:

1. Music boosts performance on habitual duties
Music really helps performance in monotonous and repetitive habitual tasks. The reasoning behind this is that with habitual duties, one can easily get bored. Music can raise your arousal and assist you to concentrate more on your work, therefore, eliminating boredom. In addition, since habitual duties do not take our full attention, we have got some mental space to spare. listening to music, in this case, make repetitive duties more and more enjoyable.

2. Music lifts our mood
When we listen to music, our brains are triggered to release more dopamine which is a pleasure chemical. It is this dopamine which raises our moods and makes one feel happier. Though music takes some of our attention, it is key for people looking for an energy boost and happiness particularly if your task is moderately-taxing or greatly habitual. This makes listening to music in breaks very beneficial because it enhances your mood making one perform better the time you get back to work. This is very key because a woodworker is always involved in a routine task where boredom can easily occur.

3. Music helps extroverts to perform better
Studies indicate that the presence of some background distractions such as a conversation, music or a TV show affects the performance of introverts than extroverts. Having said that, the influence if moderate and not extreme and extroverts undergo a performance blow as well.

4. It raises concentration level
Music helps us to focus more on our duties during operations particularly when you are working in a distracting work environment such as a noisy workshop. In this case, the music help you not to bother whatever distracting thing happening around and this enables one to concentrate more on the purposed work.

As it has been discussed above, it is now very evident that music plays a key role in the workers’ productivity. Hopefully, this article will help you as a woodworker to boost your productivity in your line of duty. Should you next time feel unmotivated, try to listen to a piece of music that will suit whatever thing you are doing. Set an objective for yourself, choose a music piece that meets your needs and start working. You will really enjoy and finish it in no time for sure.